RVNFT works for you as your NFT Art Agent. Have your work exposed through RVNFT social media, our mailing list as well as other various promotions and marketing avenues. RVNFT can help you get your work added to NFT Marketplaces, Virtual NFT Auctions, Virtual NFT Gallery Events and Virtual NFT Art Fairs over on Ravencoin Campus. Need an idea for your next NFT work of art? RVNFT can also provide NFT design curation and consultation services. Check out our website’s NFT Marketplace Page where your NFT can be posted for sale as well as sold through our Virtual Expo Hall Booth inside Ravencoin Campus. RVNFT frees up time for an artist to focus on creating their art.

In order to create a unique NFT on the Ravencoin Network, the token issuer must first create what is called a ‘Main Asset’ on the network, the cost of which is 500 RVN. RVNFT removes this 500 RVN Barrier required for the issuer to be able to mint their own Unique NFTs as well as Sub-Assets on the Ravencoin Network. Since RVNFT removes the 500 RVN barrier in order to create an NFT on Ravencoin it reduces the overall cost and thus the financial risk for artists getting started in creating NFTs on the Ravencoin Network.

For artists looking to create larger quantities of NFTs through RVNFT, they’ll be able to receive discounted rates when purchasing large quantity NFT and Sub-Asset packages. Packages of 5 or more NFTs will receive a discounted rate of 5 RVN per NFT. Sub-Asset Packages of 3 or more Sub-Assets will receive a discounted rate of 100 RVN per Sub-Asset.

Consult and discuss the different options/parameters of the NFT you wish to create before issuing your assets. Artists have the ability to choose their own unique Artist Name and Asset Name for each asset they create. Different options such as the varying types of image or audio files that will be included as an IPFS hash, as well as Certificate of Authenticity generation, will be consulted upon before asset creation. RVNFT can also provide consultation in regards to marketing and promotion of your NFT and explore different NFT sales avenues such as auctions, online marketplaces, galleries, etc…