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Sharing my artistic point of view with other people. I am hopeful that you will enjoy my meaningful & original works! I am a passionate photographer, who wishes to inspire others with my work.


I want to share my love of crypto and NFTs.


Hi, I am a self-taught artist, discovering new styles and techniques as I go. I like and paint both: traditional and digital, or a combination of the two.
I draw my inspiration from books, music and video games.


I am Cumine. I am a Medical Doctor and love to create pen, pencil and watercolour drawings inspired by the magnificent creation we live in. By combining elements of people, anatomy, animals and nature I strive to create art that inspires, heal, motivate and ponder. Buyers who own our work have image usage rights on everything from websites, printing, etc…


Never stop learning.


I used to be a traditional painter. In 2019, an unexplained illness left me temporarily unable to hold a brush. That is how I started exploring digital art, and more in particular generative art.

indy bows

I am a full time mum in the UK. I teach my children at home. I’m a self taught artist and learning new techniques to improve my work. I enjoy painting and drawing things that bring joy to me personally but also hope to bring the same joy to the people who buy my pieces. I like my art to capture the heart and emotions of the person buying it. I think it’s important to connect with the art you are choosing.

Each piece I create and go on to create will have its own story to tell. Memories held inside of times spent with our children as they grow.

Having a child who is Autistic and my own struggles with mental health, I feel it’s important to take time to slow down and absorb the things around you, particularly nature. This really influences all my art that you will see.


Multimedia Intuitive artist looking to alter some worlds, Come take a journey with us & alter these worlds together! I’m bringing my family along with me, how about you too?! LINK TO INX MASONARI’S BLOG SITE


3D Animator & NFT Artist


JOESHPY (Joesheepy) is an engineer, programmer and freelance artist from South Wales, UK.


Im JoJuice, started NFTs in 2021. I created one of the first videogame NFTs on RVN. Started the FUMEZ and TEETHZ series. Im a 3d artist in the field of Blender.


Traditional / VR Artist,
Open Brush, Medium, Quill, Blender


Hi! We are Nico and Juli, a couple of artists from Argentina. Together we will create the best NFTs to make you go crazy 🙂


Osmodin is stationed outside of L.A. in California and has been a 3D artist working professionally since 2010, mostly with 3D illustration but also photography and music. After years of his main gig feeling more corporate and no longer having a personal connection to his art he is excited to get back into artistic self expression. His discovery of Ravencoin and it’s NFT community has been an inspiring process for him. It is a chance to explore his passion, rediscover himself and help move the Ravencoin project forward.


Nerd, Musician, Scientist (Water Science), Translator (german, english).
My art comes from my nerdy side. It’s a depiction of how colourful the world could be.

Trying to make the world a better place by treating waste water.


Citizen of the World, Geek of All New Techno & a Part Time Artist


Former Artist Illustrator with hundreds of works to his name. Published book of illustrations – IGI – selected works. Prints and posters available worldwide and murals across the U.S. Shel had to move to his other love, Canine behavior once the years of welding -sculptures -finally ruined his eyesight. Not completely blind, yet Shel has moved towards the creation of elements for the coming digital realms.
NFTs created from sampled ink works and paintings Shel has created over his 30 year career as a professional Artist and new, unique pieces. A love of all things weird but not dark, impulsive yet, skilled creations capturing moments in time and place for the alternate reality.

SOS On side

We- “We!?”…. I, the royal “we”- look we’re a group of misfit musicians and personalities that tries to cover a wide range of musical genres, so there’s a good chance that you’ll like something that we do. We take NFT ownership quite seriously and are absolutely committed to honoring all the wacky licensing schemes we put out there. We represent a number of different acts such as Dick Tater and the Tots, Purple Helmeted UnderCover Knights, Eddie Ate Dynamite (and all of it’s iterations), Tead Kennedy, Arvici Jackson, On Hold With The Government, and more! Just look for the logo and hold on to your butts!


SYNTH has a background in game development & is creating interactive NFTs to try and push the limit of what’s possible within the blockchain.


I make pixel art and am a game developer/artist that is currently creating a pixel art game. So I decided to use that pixel art “skill” to make some nfts. Hope you like my work 🙂


WhiteHash is an independent NFT art studio that has been focused on creating unique, rare and elegant artworks for the Ravencoin blockchain.


I love Ravencoin, holder, medical student and 3d artist, I just want a better world and I think Ravencoin can be an important pillar in the new era.


My journey started after realising my own attraction to digital environments & visualisations.
The longer I experimented with this stuff, the more interesting connections I saw.
Naturally, without even noticing, it lead me to becoming a generalist artist.